CMF National Conference

Jonathon LambThis was my third CMF event, and the one that finally prompted me to become a member. I also took my entire family along…

Given that I had a 0 year old, a 2 year old and a beautiful (but exhausted) wife with me, I was unable to do my normal ridiculously in-depth review of the event.

I can say that it was fantastic the level of child care provided: Joen spent most of the sessions eating raw pasta and pushing over other children, whilst at night, babysitting patrols roamed the corridors listening for crying. Without this, I don’t think we would have enjoyed things at all.

The topic of the conference was “Integrity”. Based on 2 Corinthians, the main sessions were led by Jonathan Lamb, head of international preaching at the Langham Partnership. I really enjoyed the talks, but if I’m completely honest, I also spent a lot of them standing outside, trying to stop a baby from vomiting & crying. There’s a preview below, or you can watch the full talks on the CMF website.

Aside from the main talks, there was a lot of fellowship, and some epic book salesmanship from the chap at I’m still working myself through the pile!

So, a pretty sparse review of the event, but I’d recommend it to anyone wondering how best to live life as a Christian and a doctor. Also, if you want to be a blogger who posts regularly, don’t have kids!


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