Air Magic

A photo of a BasketballIt always happens; I get to that point of year where shorts suddenly become acceptable, and then I remember a momentous truth – I am the greatest living basketball player on earth.

And yes, I’m 5 ft 9, and yes, I can’t shoot straight, and yes, I’m rather unfit, and yes, I always try to spin the ball on my finger, but instead drop it every time, but the fact remains – I love basketball.

I think it epitomizes everything I enjoy in life: simple, achievable goals; competition; sunshine; spending time with friends; Michael Jordan; being shamed by 12 year olds at the park…

Today I challenged one of the practice partners, Dr Hegde, to a game. I left this message on his screen:

I brought a basketball to work today. The question remains…
Are you man enough? …

Halfway through my second patient, a reply popped back on my screen:

Although I am sure I would undoubtedly teach you a basketballing lesson, I have a meeting this lunchtime, why don’t you use the time to have a practice.
Air Magic Hegde

My impression? I need a basketball nickname! Recommendations in the comments please…

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