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It would seem that I am neglecting my blog in favour of others recently, with a guest post on the South Yorkshire WordPress Community blog, and another one on The Blog Up North – but more about that one tomorrow!

Today, I am boasting sharing about my greatest achievement in geekdom so far: I have become a medical expert advisor to!

Now, many of my friends don’t know what Lifehacker is. I know this, since the last two weeks has been littered with many conversations along the lines of:

Me: “Hey, ever heard of”
Person: “Err, no? Why?”
Me: [sigh] “Never mind”

Lifehacker, by their own description, is a site with “tips, tricks, and downloads for getting things done“. It appeals to geeks who would like to take the same approach to their life and productivity as they do to their computers. Just as I am not happy when my mouse stops working, or my PC is slow, why should I be happy being overly reliant on caffeine to wake up, or getting poor value when haggling prices?

Anyway, my input to this venerable temple to the ironic procrastination of  20-somethings is a medical opinion on the best way to wipe your bum.

Read the article on Lifehacker to see how they used my input, or see my full article, “Medical Evidence on Wiping Your Bum” over at the MedRevise blog.

More guestpostness tomorrow, after which I promise to return to original material!

2 thoughts on “Guest post: Lifehacker

  1. Hi, read an article on bum wiping habits on lifehacker, in which you
    were referenced. I know the research is sketchy, but what is the
    impact of male wiping habits on a female’s (sexual partner) UTI risk,
    if any?

    Hope you can ‘shed some light’ on this subject.



    1. Hi,

      Only just saw this email.

      The evidence is very sketchy. My professional advice would be unlikely to be any risk unless there is some seriously odd wiping going on: ultimately, if anyone’s faecal matter (poo) is getting anywhere near anyone’s urethra (wee hole), there is a chance of e coli infection, one of the commonest causes of UTI.



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