Using Google Earchsay

Just a short one today, pointing out the beauty of humour from one of the world’s largest technology companies.

Google give you the option of putting your homepage into whatever language you want. On its own this isn’t very funny, since if you are French then having a homepage in French is just normal.

But what about Klingon? That’s pretty funny.

Or Pirate? Where “Search” because Searrrrch”, and “Logout” because “Catch th’ outgoing tide!”

Or Piglatin? Oogleinggay omethingsay ecomesbay aay otlay ongerlay.

Or Hacker? Funny, although understanding your PR3F3R3N(3Z is a lot harder.

Or, my personal favourite, Bork bork bork, a confusing and vaguely Englishesque language. I recommend checking out the languages list in the Bork preferences.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Check out the picture of my current homepage on the right (or bigger, at this link).

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