Post-Presidential Fever!

Credit where its due

So, it’s over. The Presidential race finished, and… I didn’t win. The new President of the Student Union is Josh. Congratulations to him!
We don’t really feel too bad about it, since we barely campaigned, didn’t want to win, and would have been terrible presidents. Josh has promised to get a large image of a Rhinocerous somewhere in the Union. Let’s see if he delivers on that promise…

The results are announced

This video shows all the Presidential candidates, at the point when results were announced.

And this video shows Josh’s acceptance speech, and our dignified response.

Invasion of privacy

During the campaign, I widely advertised, as a focus for my campaign. What I didn’t think about was the fact that I have a live chat on my site, that allows people to talk to me whenever my PC is turned on. Thus I had several interesting conversations, the best of which is below:

guest962726 3:01 PM
why the f**k would i vote for you man? 3:02 PM
guest962726 3:03 PM
im serious 3:03 PM
I think we both know that
guest962726 3:03 PM
give me a good reason 3:03 PM
Come on man, s’not hard
ok, lets look at this together
you have two options
1. vote for me
2. dont vote for me
now, think hard…
which one will give you a rhinocerous?
guest962726 3:03 PM
kay, thought hard… 3:03 PM
there you go
guest962726 3:03 PM
gotta admit 3:04 PM
thanks for your vote!
guest962726 3:04 PM
you’re the only one with such cool chest hair, will vote for ya! 3:04 PM
i might put this conversation up on the facebook group

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