All about Tigz

Pink Sky WallThis month, would like to point you guys over at Tigz, a London based illustrator and photographer. Check out her main site at

We are twitter friends, and facebook associates  – check her out on twitter as @tigzy, and become a fan on facebook at Tigz Rice Illustrated. She is aiming to have 100,000 fans on the group by the end of March (probably), so get involved.

Anyway, there’s one of her photos on the left, which I think is awesome. She has a beautiful flickr gallery, an etsy shop, and about seven million other sites; check them out and enjoy the tigzart!

Finally, she has a blog, on which there is currently a giveaway competition where she is giving away free art (which I really hope this post wins me). Simply check it out, leave a comment, and improve your life.

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