Working too hard…?

For the first time ever, this week I have just crashed out from working too hard. Mostly from doing too much web design. So there you go, it’s not a surprise, but there really is such a thing as too much php. A shock, I know.

The error probably lies in the fact that my programme for the last week or so has been: get up at 6, do an hours web development, cycle 6 miles to placement, work in clinic as a medical student from 8 until 5, cycle 6 miles up hill home, and work until 11 on websites. At weekends that can just read, get up at 8am, work until 12 at night. Burning the candle at both ends (queue sample illustration).

Anyway, I’m taking some time out, and did a search for relaxing websites. This one is surprisingly relaxing, humour aside. Something just great about clicking, and watching someone else go through stress!

The next one is cool. Pretty sure its not lifesize, but its a bit like swimming with a blue whale anyway. That said, not sure how relaxing actually being face to face with a whale would be.

Finally the cheesy God one. But it is so refreshing to be reminded there is a place of safety to escape to.

Gonna relax, eat some nice food and read Clive Cussler books. And maybe take life a little easier in future…

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