PS. I HATE African Time!

The following post is from a series of emails I wrote to my girlfriend at the time, whilst on a trip to Africa. She is now my wife, so I did something right.

He is still not here! It is going to be so dark when we get up there. grr!

2 thoughts on “PS. I HATE African Time!

  1. hey baby
    hope u had an amazing time in the mountains. ive just got back from work. been working pretty much all day which has been long but good. worked from 7.30-11.30, 1.00-3 and then 6-10.30. been working with krystle loads and we work well together – like to get it done. no faffing! we made record time this eve!
    went to go and see the bumped car in between with the man. rom came with and said that it shouldnt cost any more than £250 to get repaired – it wasnt that bad. the man has agreed to take it to the garage i was recommended which is good, so im gonna ring them up for a quote and find out when they’d be able to do it. so was a bit positive. so hopefully it will be around 200 rather than £500!
    had a cuppa with davina and them lot for an hour this afternoon which was nice – feel like im getting closer with them all. went to Cassie and judes bday party last nite which was good. chatted to quite a few peeps and they asked how u were getting on etc.

    ive lost weight.!. according to my scales im now like 9st3 which means ive lst 4 pounds ish just from being busy and not eating a massive dinner in the evening. last night i made myself stir fry – it was massive i had a few mouthfuls and couldnt eat anymore! so it will be my lunch 2mo yum!
    got work in the morn woop! i wake up early anyway so i might as well get up and work lol.

    anyways i hope your ok. i love you so much.
    snuggle buggle!


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