Photo Two – Proving Vets Wrong

The following post is from a series of emails I wrote to my girlfriend at the time, whilst on a trip to Africa. She is now my wife, so I did something right.

Was talking to mum, about how stupid Heze is, chewing off her own feet. She remembered a random disease, from her medical school days, called “Lesch-Nyhan Syndrome”. The pic is taken from her old uni textbook.

Here’s an extract from another bit of the text:

“Patients with this syndrome generally appear normal at birth, but show evidence of neurologic deficits, and retarded mental development within the first few months of life. Bizarre self-mutilation of extremities, lips and other oral structures may require constant restraint of the patient, despite the evident pain which accompanies this uncontrollable self-destructive process”

I think that describes our young doggy pretty well, doesn’t it?

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