I tend to write about three main areas: Geeky stuff, God stuff, and Me stuff. However, because it doesn’t quite work that easily, I’ve split them into a rough list. Many posts are in multiple categories:


Myself and my wife are planning on moving our family to South Africa at some point. So I kinda love it. Hence you get to hear about it loads.


I completed a training course to become a pregnancy counselling advisor. This is my journal from that course.


I’m not a cool guy. But I do know my way around a computer, and I like to share my thoughts/expertise/biases with the world.


I became a Christian in 2004, and Jesus changed my life. I’m not the greatest person in the world (just ask my wife), but coupled with grace, I hope to make everyone know they are loved.


Stupid stuff. Often tales from the wards, or idiotic behaviour from our dogs Pudding and Heze.


No blog is an island. There’s a lot happening out there, and I share my favourites.


You probably noticed that the most common word on this page is “I”. There’s a reason the site is called All About MEEEEEEEE.


I’m a doctor, so I work to create awesome medical info, heal patients and generally try to spread the love in a purely clinical sense. (All medical information is treated confidentially, names, places, times, sex and illnesses are generally changed).


Sometimes I cook. Often I experiment. These are the results.


My web design and development company creates beautiful sites for wonderful clients. When I can’t get CSS, PHP, HTML or MySQL to play fair, and eventually sort it out, I try to share a tutorial here.