Day Twenty Seven – More Sewing

What I find weird, looking back at these two days, is that I remember nothing about them. Like I know work was done at Tshwaranang, I’m sure I had some lunch, 24 hours of breathing occurred. But all I remember is giving Mohau his birthday vest in the morning, then shopping for more fabric, and spending another 7 hours making a tshirt, this time for me.

Sadly, the pattern was for a woman, and I’m not a woman; however much you joke about my new found aptitude for needlework. This meant that I ended up producing something a little tight for me – hence it becomes a gift for you!

Day Twenty Six – Because REAL MEN sew!

So today was the start of my clothing making reign of terror. I visited various fabric shops looking for patterns and material. After a long hunt, I eventually tracked down a woman’s shirt pattern. It would have to do, since there were no others.

I then hunted out some nice blue cloth. Guessing how much I would need, I purchased it, along with some thread of (nearly) the same colour.