Day Eleven – The name’s Lowry. Chief Facilitator Lowry.

Today was mainly spent preparing for the meeting at 5:30. Me and Mohau were planning what we would say, as well as trying to finish off proposals to send to various departments in the South African Government.

For lunch we went for a meal out at a snack place called Food4U, run by a guy from our church. We got talking to him, and it was frankly just scary; his son died 3 years ago from cancer, he himself now has cancer, and his marriage is also on the rocks, plus he is having to work a 14 hour day, 7 days a week at his restaurant. We prayed for him there, but it would be good if you could lift him up too. I think his name is Reynard (Unsurprisingly, my rubbish-at-names skill is even worse in a country where everyone either has Dutch or Sotho names).