Day Twenty Three – A well earned day off

Today was Saturday, my day of Sabbath. I started off with a nice lie in, right up until 8:10! Reckless, eh? Then I read my book a bit, and lazed around the house.

About 10, Ian’s parents popped by, on their way somewhere else, and it was interesting talking to someone with a West Country accent out here. After that we took a ride to the rubbish dump, to unload an entire trailer full of waste. They don’t have binmen in this town! There were people living at the dump, sorting through rubbish, hoping to find things of use. I’ve seen worse in Mozambique, but it was still sad.

Day Nineteen – Becoming a fish

Today was spent almost entirely in the pool. I think it finally dawned on me that I’m leaving Harrismith, and most importantly, leaving the house with a pool in the back garden.

Anyway, so the day started at the office. We needed to finish that proposal, and despite much hard work, we still weren’t making much headway. The office was noisy, people kept answering their phones, and it was all distractions. Plus everything we tried wasn’t working, etc, etc. All in all, it was annoying, and I wanted to get things done.

Day Four – Hurried Preparations

I think I have everything. My bag weighs 15 kilos, well under the limit. I have my passport, checked that 19 times. And my tickets, I’ve checked that 18 times.

I have pants, socks, shorts, trousers, long johns, swimming costume, several entire kitchen suites, a horse shoe, fifteen litres of elephant faeces, a spoon, a snorkel, suntan lotion, after sun, sun conditioner, sun moisturiser, sun shampoo, sun glasses, a sun bed, my friend’s son, and a sombrero.