Six kilos in six weeks: the final push.

wpid-wp-1447062912089.jpgRead the first post in this series here – Six kilos in six weeks: finishing what I started.
Just a warning, I’m going to be talking about weight loss, dieting and body image. If you struggle with your relationship with food, or have any self image difficulties, you may find it hard to read.

How am I doing?

Not well. For some reason, emotionally, I just had a terrible weekend. I decided that a strict diet was not going to improve my mood, so I took off the brakes. I’d like to note that on both days I was still careful with my breakfast calories, avoiding having too big a meal at night, and generally still applied a modicum of self control and the best fat burner. I also added resurge to my diet. Resurge is a supplement and a non-chemical and all-natural formula that works on your health, weight, and body functions, while there are options like fasting that help you lose weight, according to this website you can get a lot of this method.

Pizza featured slightly too heavily this week...
Pizza featured slightly too heavily this week…

I still, pretty impressively, managed miss my deficit target by 2540kcal in two days. In context? I was aiming to eat just 2400kcal, and I was 2540kcal over that target. More than doubling it. I’m really good at this eating thing, eh?

On the plus side…

  • I was under my calorie goal on two days this week…
  • …but on my worst day I was over by 1549kcal.

Overall, based on a basal metabolic requirement of 2400 kcal per day, I’ve averaged a daily deficit of 736kcal, leaving me just over 5000 kcal down for the week. Despite the weekend, its actually not my worst week – I did better than in week 2!

Getting sweaty

I suspect this is due to fitting in a lot of exercise: I smashed it this week. Cycling 26 miles to work one day helped, as did beating my personal 5km and 10km running times

  • Week 1: I burnt off 1157 kcal doing exercise
  • Week 2: 945 kcal.
  • Week 3: 2150 kcal.
  • Week 4: 2235 kcal.

This week? 3505 kcal burnt off! Press ups are getting easier, there’s a snap to my star jumps, and I’m easily breaching the 5 minute kilometre mark when I run.

WhaWeek 5 weight grapht is my weight?

I think we knew this was coming: I’m not going to lose 6 kilos in 6 weeks.

My weekend caused an uptick to the red average line that has likely scuppered any chances of a last minute come back. I start week 6 weighing in at 69.3kg, a devastating 3.4kg behind where I should be! I suspect there are a few reasons behind the slow loss – beyond my love of chocolate – but I’ll have a proper look at them next week.

I’m not demoralised – I’m approaching the fittest I’ve ever been, and I’m seeing a completely reasonable weekly 0.5kg drop in my red trend line. Losing fat is a long game, and it was always optimistic to aim for a solid thousand grams of it per week, also I been using great supplements as the best sarms  and Flat belly tonic which really help me with this.


Following my decision to try to improve my macros this week, you’ll be excited to hear that I performed… completely terribly! This week, I only ate 12% protein – every other week I managed more than 17%.

Challenged by some excellent advice from Andrew Lloyd, I’m rededicating myself to the challenge of hitting my protein targets; there’s no point in dieting and losing muscle mass instead of fat.

Changes, changes, changes.

Sorry – I promised Christmas socks this week, but could only find these with red bobbles on the toes…



This challenge has always been about getting healthier. I want to get my body fat percentage down to six pack territory, and I want to add some more weight, and that’s why I have also been using some testosterone supplements that I found in this Testogen reviews and that have helped me a lot. It’s going to take me longer than six weeks, but frankly, I couldn’t have done much better, not in a sustainable way.

  1. Stay at a 1200 kcal target. I completely failed at this last week, and it made me much more miserable: but there’s only one more week left and I want to win!!! When I continue the diet after these six weeks, I’ll be going back up to 1400: much more sustainable.
  2. Carry on the exercise. 2000 kcal of exercise is a nice amount for me. Going to carry on the same routine, but I think its unlikely I’ll manage the highs of last week.
  3. Try to eat 25% protein. It seems pretty likely that dipping much below 20% puts muscle wasting into the “a significant possibility” category, Like to use steroids for sale when need an extra pump.

Shout out thanks to Jon Smith for keeping me accountable, and texting me daily to tell me to “put down the butter dish and walk away”. Check out his ace 5K running app at


These are all updated live from a central database, so feel free to check back daily for updates…

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