Six kilos in six weeks: the difficult second album

horizontal-162952_1280Read the first post in this series here – Six kilos in six weeks: finishing what I started.
Just a warning, I’m going to be talking about weight loss, dieting and body image. If you struggle with your relationship with food, or have any self image difficulties, you may find it hard to read.

How am I doing?

After a very principled and well behaved week one, I did less well, but still acceptably this week.

  • I have overshot on every single day…
  • …including one day where I managed an extra 1423 kcal!

Despite how bad that sounds, I only overshot by an average of 73kcal on the weekdays. I could see my weights were on track, so allowed myself a rest day on Saturday.

Depressingly, although I had been aiming for 2000kcal, I managed to exceed this by over 800. Its a clear warning that learning to balance my appetite in a controlled manner after this diet is going to be a big challenge.

Overall, In the last week, based on a basal metabolic requirement of 2400 kcal per day, I’ve averaged a daily deficit of 701kcal, leaving me just a smidge under 5000kcal down for the week.

WhaLibra_2015-10-12t is my weight?

Apparently in the last week, I’ve gone from 70.6kg on the scales to… 69.0kg. In reality, things aren’t as simple as weighing daily, that’s why I use a rolling average (see the red line) to confirm things are moving in the right direction.

Still, I weighed 71.1kg 2 weeks ago, and I currently weigh 69.0kg, so there’s no doubt I’m on target.

What’s been hard?

The temptation to snack has definitely increased a little in the evenings.

This week I’ve had a sore throat, and generally felt pretty exhausted. I’ve not been super hungry, although the temptation to snack has definitely increased a little in the evenings.

Mostly I’ve just been bored of my normal day time food – I usually have a Joylent/Queal/soylent style shake for my combined breakfast and lunch over the day. There have been several days where this has lost out to an equivalent calorie amount of curly fries, or veggie sandwich.

I’ve struggled a little to motivate myself for exercise. Last week I managed 1157 kcal of exercise – not much short of an extra day’s calories. This week I managed 945 kcal, around 20% less. Not managed a proper run since starting the diet. I did, however, stop finding the NYT 7 minute exercise so hard, and am noticing an improvement in my press up ability!


Changes, changes, changes.

weightlossweek2aI’m happy about progress. If this carries on, I should hit 65kg as planned, hopefully all from fat loss. This week I’m going to:

  1. Stick with a 1400 kcal target. Although I’m missing it a little, I know myself – if I set it at 1500, I’d just miss that a little instead!
  2. Slightly increase my exercise. Aiming to beat the total calorie burn from week 1. Aiming to fit in the following workouts:
    – 2x a NYT workout twice a week
    – 2x cycling day
    – 2x running day (working on bleep test)
  3. Keep an eye on macros. Still haven’t thought about macros much. May look at this this week, or just review it at the end.

Shout out thanks to Jon Smith for keeping me accountable, and texting me daily to tell me to “put down the butter dish and walk away”. Check out his ace 5K running app at


These are all updated live from a central database, so feel free to check back daily for updates…

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