Crispy Potatoes Recipe

We all have Christmas traditions, and often that revolves around food. Katherine and I have spent our 6 years together slowly perfecting our Christmas selection.

I thought I would share how we make our awesome crispy Christmas potatoes (you can eat them when its not Christmas too, if you want!).

Disclaimer: I am a proud member of the chuck-it-in-it’ll-be-fine school of cooking. I firmly believe a happy cook just throws stuff in a pan, rather than measuring 18g of this and 3.5 medium egg yolks of that; so take my measurements with a pinch of salt, so to speak. This recipe makes as many potatoes as you need. I usually plan for 1-2 large potatoes per person.

Cooked Crispy PotatoesIngredients


  1. Peel and chop up your potatoes. You want biggish lumps – cut big potatoes into 4 pieces, small ones into halves.
  2. Boil up your potatoes with a little salt in the water (helps them get softer).
  3. Check them after about 15-20mins: you should be able to stick a knife in them, but you don’t want them completely soft either.
  4. Drain the water.
  5. Chuck some in a metal colander, so there are about 8 pieces of potatoes in it (use a big bowl if you don’t have a colander). If you have lots of potatoes, you might want to do them in a few batches, 8-10 at a time.
  6. Jiggle the colander for about 10-20 seconds. This bashes up all the edges of the potatoes, making them uneven. This leads to lots of extra crispy bits.
  7. Have a bowl with olive oil in, and one with flour in.
  8. Potatoes before BakingRoll each potato in the oil, so its covered, then roll in in the flour. Oil + flour = more crispy.
  9. Sprinkle a little more oil on top, and grind loads of salt and pepper all over it.
  10. By now, your potatoes should look something like the photo on the right (click for bigger picture).
  11. Cook them at 180°C ish in the oven. You’ll want to take it out a few times and stir it around with a spatula so that it gets cooked evenly.
  12. When they are golden, with some crispy brown bits, cover them in gravy and eat them all up.

If you don’t like gravy, then I’m afraid you are a bad person, and you are not allowed to make my potatoes.

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