Introducing Neriah

Neriah Grace Lowry

This is Neriah.

Full name: Neriah Grace Lowry (or “Nia” for short).
Neriah” is Hebrew, and means “Light of God“. We pronounce it “Ner-ee-ah”.

She was born at 7:30pm on 20th January 2013. She weighed 7 pounds 9 ounces.

Her hobbies include avoiding accidental injury from her boisterous older brother, submitting to being sniffed suspiciously by dogs, and throughout remaining surprisingly content. We don’t know much else about her.

One thought on “Introducing Neriah

  1. Well, what a lovely surprise!!! Had you remembered that’s the name of my Mary Sister daughter? They spell it Nerija, which is a nuisance for English speakers, who naturally pronounce it to rhyme with Elijah & have to be enlightened! The “Ja” part is the God part of the word and it is the opening phrase of psalm 27 “The Lord is my light and my salvation”. Personally I think it’s also specially lovely as it links up with your Jewish roots.

    Of course I’m also delighted that you pronounce it the right way!! Having Grace as the second name is absolutely perfect.

    Much love and lots of blessings, Mary.

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