Change good, old bad

In September 2009, I decided I wanted a personal site, linking to cool stuff I do, with a little bit of bloggyness bolted on. I got all excited, and stayed up all night a few times, playing with Jquery for the first time, implementing everything else in php – image feeds, tweets, blog rss, everything.

I was happy with the result, and others liked it to – it even featured on the front cover of the second Web Designer’s Ideas Book!

As time went on, I became more interested in frequent blogging, and the art of creating sites in WordPress, and so decided to change from having an external blogspot blog to having one located here at

From time to time I made some visual adjustments, but the home page has remained identical for 2 years now. And I think that needs to change, so this post is to bid farewell to it. It may not go today, or tomorrow, but its days are numbered…

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