Honk! Honk! HOOOOONK!

I´m writing this on the balcony of our new apartment in Corralejo. Well, technically I´m writing it on a computer in an internet cafe, after having written it old school style last night on a piece of paper. Currently rather hoping the owner of said cafe doesn´t notice how much sand there is on the floor, chair and keyboard.

Anyway, we are here having moved from out (pretty shoddy) previous apartment, a move paid for entirely by our travel agents. Considering that we have only paid €320 for two weeks in our old apartment and the new one is €300 for just one, I´d say that they´ve helped us out nicely. Another proof that complaining works.

So I´m sitting out here at about midnight´and I´m listening to the noise. Because it´s crazy loud. This sleepy Spanish coastal village is full of people driving around blowing vuvuzelas out of car windows, hooting horns and cheering. If you have even the foggiest of awareness about sport, you´ll know that Spain just beat Germany 1-0 in the semi finals of the World Cup. On a Spanish island with a huge resident German population, it turns out that this is quite a big deal.

I leave you with the view from our balcony and the news that I like coffee, having finally come out of the “there is no God hot beverage but Tea” closet. More on that tomorrow (or assuming the sand gets me banned from this one, whenever I next get to an internet cafe).


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