Complaints and completions

So, what have I been upto recently? I’m in the process of making a new font, called “Chirpy”, coming soon. You can visit my new sites, built with the awesome Maft, as part of our web design company Salt and Light Solutions. They are:

Aside from this, I’m going through some issues at med school, with my last meeting stating that they think I have a behavioural disorder, possibly on the Autism spectrum. So I did the (fairly) official Autism Spectrum Quotient test. Its out of 50. An autistic person would get above 32 (80% sensitivity). A normal person would get 16. I got 13. Not sure if I agree with the diagnosis so far then…

My greatest complaint triumph also occurred today. Thanks to my dad, I’m a great writer of complaint letters. We had a shoddy installation experience with Northern Gas – don’t use them. Despite photographic evidence, and written proof that their installers had lied, they spent 17 months ignoring my complaints, refusing to accept liability, and not honouring our five year guarantee. And then, today, I recieved this letter. Feels good.

Finally, my lovely wife bought me a ridiculously large headed (but quite cute) dog to sit on my computer. Ah, bless.

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