Ah, that’s tweet!

The last few weeks, to my surprise, Facebook has no longer been my home. The thing I run to eagerly to check is Twitter. And when confronted by others, generally with the question “What’s so good about twitter?”, often quoting the ‘fact’ that 40% of tweets are mindless babble.

And I don’t know how to answer them, it’s kind of like asking what’s so good about staying in contact with your wife all day through text. It’s not so much that its good, but like texting, its soon as normal a part of your interactions as talking, or as writing a letter used to be.

That study probably achieves the opposite of your initial impression. First of all you think “Man, that’s a lot of pointless babble!”. And then you think, “How much of my normal everyday conversation probably comes under their definition of babble?”. The study includes things like “having chips for tea” as mindless babbles. I know that the majority of my texts, calls and conversations follow a what-did-you-have-for-lunch/where-are-you? pattern, which means probably about 85% of my words in those avenues are ‘babble’. After analysing the poorness of your own ability to converse, you are left thinking “Wow, twitter is actually considerably more succinct than ALL my other forms of communication!”

So there you go. Follow me on twitter, because I’m less likely to babble than if you meet, call, text or communicate in any other way with me!

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