Fit in 3 Steps

Getting healthy is simple. Sure, its hard, but its not hard to understand, the Personal Training Springfield Va can explain it better for your.

I personally guarantee that sticking this three step program will get you fit, allow you to reach your ideal weight, and reduce your risk of obesity related illness.

Read each step in more detail for explanation, tips and personal stories.


Step 1 – Know your Enemy

Weigh yourself regularly, and chart it.

The majority of unfit people I meet have no idea what their weight is. They don’t weigh themselves, they don’t like to think about it – they may even choose not to own a scale, if you are trying to loss weight, you can try a weight loss supplement like the Revitaa pro, check out the Revitaa pro reviews to see if this product can work for you.

Step 1 involves overcoming this fear, and learning to accept the numbers, using them to give you confidence… and control.


Step 2 – Track those Calories

Keep track of what you eat, and make sure that you eat less than you use.

Does a balloon get bigger without putting air in it? Nope. Does a person get fatter without eating more calories than they burn? Nope. The science is incontrovertible: losing weight involves eating less.

Step 2 builds a routine of knowing what you are eating, and making sure it doesn’t have more energy in it than you are allowed each day. You are still allowed to eat chocolate – I do!


Step 3 – Get Moving

Start by getting out of breath three times a week. Build on that.

The NHS recommends getting 150 minutes of proper exercise a week. That’s 30 minutes, on five separate days. The beauty is, it doesn’t matter how fit you are currently, just getting out of breath is enough.

Step 3 starts you on a tune up of your cardiovascular fitness. Never run before? Let’s start with some fast walking. Knees too painful? Let’s do some swimming. It’s time to *feel* fit!