About Chris

Who am I?

b774edf5-3b32-4ef0-97cc-4fc18c1b8d30My name is Chris Lowry.

I’m a qualified doctor, soon to be a fully trained GeneraDisplaying chrislowry (3).JPGl Practitioner. I’ve had 11 years of training, with experience in the UK and South Africa. I’ve worked in wards, operating theatres, rural doctors practices – and spent several years as crowd doctor for a national football team. I’ve had the experience of providing care in a high tech tertiary intensive care unit in the UK, and on call in an under-equipped African casualty department.

And none of that stuff matters.

Because whilst its reassuring that I have lots of clever letters to put after my name – as well as a bronze swimming certificate! – there’s a piece of experience that’s more important than any of them:

I’ve been fat.

I know the feeling of chocolate being a far more constant friend than lettuce – I didn’t eat my first salad until I was 21!

I know how it feels to look in the mirror and feel… angry. Frustrated. Disgusted.

I know how it feels for your weight to feel totally outside of your control.

I’m here to put you in control.

So, let’s get started. Read my three step guide to healthy living, and walk towards a happier, fitter you.

Any questions? Why not send me an email through the contact page