My Family at Wimpy (plus Thembe and Thembelihle) Send us out

In the last 8 years, I have visited Harrismith, a small rural town, one of millions of tiny dots on the world map, six times. I’ve spent 24 weeks- nearly 6 months- of my adulthood in this place.

Each time I return, I feel like I’ve been away for a few days: friendships pick up where we left off, as if no time has passed at all.

Day Nineteen – Becoming a fish

Today was spent almost entirely in the pool. I think it finally dawned on me that I’m leaving Harrismith, and most importantly, leaving the house with a pool in the back garden.

Anyway, so the day started at the office. We needed to finish that proposal, and despite much hard work, we still weren’t making much headway. The office was noisy, people kept answering their phones, and it was all distractions. Plus everything we tried wasn’t working, etc, etc. All in all, it was annoying, and I wanted to get things done.

Day Eighteen – Welcoming Africa to the 21st Century

This morning heralded the dawn of Tshwaranang internet. It was very good to be able to use the web in the office. Hence, we now have, we have email addresses, and I can upload my blog with minimal effort.

It turned out that the instructions we had received in the box about the setting up the cable, were wrong. What I want to know is, why? I ended up on the phone to tech support, cracking up the whole office, as every time he did something that worked, I exclaimed that he was a very attractive, almost beautiful young man, that I could tell this over the phone, and if I wasn’t already engaged, then… well!

Day Seventeen – If I told you to jump off a cliff, would you?

Church was first on the list today. This time, I wasn’t fresh off the mountain, smelling like a bonfire, so I could put on my shirt, shave, and smell nice. Twas good.

The main focus from today’s service was the vision of the church. There was a presentation, with a detailed explanation of each part. It was good, and also kind of showed me why the split isn’t such a bad thing; the two churches have two very different aims, and modus operandi.

Photo One – ain’t it a good ‘un

Let’s face it, this is a bad photo. I’ve just finished a long drive, and I feel that excuses me fully. In my right hand, you can see… A Mad Caddies Hot Sauce bottle (you can just make out the blurred ‘Hot Sauce’ on the side). If you want some, check it out here. It was part of my Christmas present delivery for Nick that just arrived! Bed now!

Day One – Committing to an Arduous Task

So I just drove home, we said goodbye several hours ago, and you left me thinking three things:

1. We are going to miss each other 2. I need to get you a good present, make you know I love you. 3. Too many battered quorn sausages, plus a weird battered cheese and onion thing, can make you feel ill.