Avocado Cookies

So, Avocados are a thing you can get much more cheaply in Africa that you can in Lincolnshire. They also taste much better too. If you’ve never seen one, I’ve included a picture on the right.

They are also much healthier for you than butter, apparently full of “good fat”. Always up for a challenge, I decided to try and make some cookies, using avo instead of butter.

Healthy Onion Bhaji recipe

I like eating Indian food. I especially enjoy crispy onion bhajis, ideally covered in mango chutney. Last night, we were eating curry, and I decided to work out a bhaji recipe.

I had a look online, had a chat with my mum (an awesome cook), and muddled something together, that tasted pretty awesome. Try it out for yourself below (and try my Sweet Potato and Parsnip soup too…)