Six kilos in six weeks: 28 days down

We just spent a week at Center Parcs. Usually, a trip to CP involves us doing a shopping trip where doughnuts, cookies and chocolate feature pretty heavily. I was a bit concerned about this, but actually, the week proved pretty great.

We ate tons of cabbage, broccoli and about a pint of coffee every day, but I managed to stay away from the biscuits!

Overall, based on a basal metabolic requirement of 2400 kcal per day, I’ve averaged a daily deficit of 865kcal, leaving me just over 6000 kcal down for the week…

Six kilos in six weeks: halfway through

Err… Somehow, I seem to have lost no weight at all since last week. Weighing in at 69kg was somewhat depressing this Monday morning.

That said, the red average line has still dropped by half a kilo in the last week, and I suspect my weights will catch up through the week, although it does look like I’m a little behind…