The Journey to Neriah

On Sunday, our little family got a little bigger. The beautiful Neriah Grace Lowry came into the world at 7:30pm. Just like Joen, the journey to Neriah was hard work.

Once again, thanks to everyone who followed the blow-by-blow account on twitter – read it here – including at least two people over the age of 80. Who says social media is just for young people? Anyway, enough of that, on with the story…

A soapy haven from real life Thoughts at New Years

At 10:30 on New Years Eve 2010, I was washing up. We had family round, and there were plates, and cups and bowls and spoons and tins and… lots to wash up. So I was in my little kitchen, in my little soapy zen zone, listening to the awesome New Years Eve mix on 6 Music.

I started thinking about how, actually, I was quite enjoying myself. This led to my first Resolution: