A soapy haven from real life Thoughts at New Years

At 10:30 on New Years Eve 2010, I was washing up. We had family round, and there were plates, and cups and bowls and spoons and tins and… lots to wash up. So I was in my little kitchen, in my little soapy zen zone, listening to the awesome New Years Eve mix on 6 Music.

I started thinking about how, actually, I was quite enjoying myself. This led to my first Resolution:

All the livelong night

This weekend, I worked the Freudianly named “graveyard shift” at Chesterfield hospital. Three nights, 9pm until 9am, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Whilst a great time to get some real hands-on experience, there is a key problem in working nights. It goes thus:

In the War(d)s

On Wednesday, after five years apparently spent preparing for the experience, I started work as a doctor in Chesterfield hospital. A real doctor. With a stethoscope and everything!

My first job is a four month stint in Cardiology, and my first ever day as a doctor was a 12 hour emergency on call. It was a sharp learning curve, with little prior explanation of even the simplest proceedings.