Baby, baby (and other paediatrics)

There were some big messages, and scary statistics.

No more shall there be in it an infant who lives but a few days, or an old man who does not fill out his days, for the young man shall die a hundred years old
Isaiah 65:20

If you include stillborn babies, then 75% of deaths in under 5s are in neonates.

A severely wasted child Day Five: Paediatrics

The first step today was a presentation from the energetic Ian Spillman, with piles of horrific statistics. Sadly, as he said, behind the statistics are real children…

We live in a world of difference. For many families, feeding is a case of “have the rains come?”. 40% of under five deaths are neonatal. If you improve sanitation, you see ~25% improved in under 5 mortality. The most common causes of death are diarrhoea, birth asphyxiation, diarrhoea and malnutrition.