Chris Lowry

Well, I’m Chris. Chris Lowry. You probably worked that one out fairly easily.

I’m a web designer, doctor, punk, and passionate follower of Jesus. It’s a fair mix.

I love dogs: I have two, Hezebelle and Pudding – who is licking my feet as I write this. I’m married to the beautiful Katherine, who keeps an eye on me, puts up with me disappearing for hours to design websites and makes sure I shave occasionally. I would like to dedicate this site, such as it is, to her. She really is very lovely. She is not licking my feet as I write this.

My mad little baby boy is called Joen James, who is nowhere near as hairy as me yet. He still has approximately 11 years until puberty begins though, so we can forgive him that.

If you need a web or graphic designer, feel free to get in contact with me. If you just want a chat, you can attempt to contact me through the digsby chat room (if I’m online), or stalk me on twitter, facebook & linkedin.

See you around!